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Greetings and welcome to the exciting world of option investing! Members of the Weekly Option Alert Trading Service receive access to an exclusive service which provides trading recommendations for both weekly and monthly options. Members receive email alerts whenever there is a new trade recommendation. All recommended trading signals are posted on a 'Members Only' proprietary web page enabling members to benefit from the continued success of the Hughes Optioneering™ trading strategies.

The Hughes Optioneering™ Team has more than 60 years of investing experience. Investing in options is the best way for small investors to get ahead. Team member Chuck Hughes started out investing in options with a small, $4,600 trading account but within his first two years of investing he realized more than $460,000 in profits which is more than Chuck made the previous six years as an airline pilot!

Have you lost money investing in stocks or mutual funds? You are not alone. Recently, we have experienced an uncertain global economy, high unemployment, deflation and increased market volatility. This financial turmoil has made it very difficult for the average investor to realize a consistent return on investment.

Despite these difficult market conditions, the Hughes Optioneering™ trading strategies have produced over $3.3 million in actual profits over the past five years. Team members brokerage account statements show $3,308,137.76 in profits with an average return of 69.3%. The average number of days in a trade was 67 days resulting in an annualized return of 377.5%. There were 335 winning trades and 21 losing trades resulting in 94.1% accuracy.


Total Average Average Annualized Winning Losing Percent
Profits Return Days in Trade Return Trades Trades Wins
$3,308,137.76 69.3% 67 377.5% 335 21 94.1%


Now there is a new way to invest in options that gives the small investor even more opportunities for success than traditional options. Weekly options expire every Friday giving investors 52 opportunities to profit each year. The Hughes Optioneering™ Team utilizes the same option investing strategies they have been using successfully for many decades to invest in weekly options.

Weekly options are the ideal investment for turning a small amount of money into a large amount of money. We would like to personally invite you on our journey of success investing in weekly options.

Wishing you the Best in Investing Success,

The Hughes Optioneering™ Team
The Hughes Optioneering Team

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